Opportunity Grants

Funding Urgent Boots-on-the-Ground Initiatives

The American Bar Endowment’s Opportunity Grant Program supports new, boots-on-the-ground, innovative programs and projects that serve the immediate and critical legal needs of the public and are of importance to the legal profession and its concerns for access to justice.

The ABE Opportunity Grant Program funding focus areas include:

  • Increasing access to justice, especially for vulnerable and underserved populations using innovations to legal services delivery, capacity-building, or pro bono service.
  • Improvement of the justice system, including ensuring equal justice and elimination of bias; and
  • Increasing public understanding of legal rights and responsibilities so people can recognize legal problems and know how to address them.

Application Deadlines

Thank you for your interest in the ABE Opportunity Grant Program. The 2023 grant cycle is now open. Below, you can click on all the needed forms and instructions to determine if your organization and project are eligible for an ABE Opportunity Grant and to submit a required Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and an application.

The following deadlines are all at 6:00 P.M. Central Standard Time on the date noted.
A required LOI will be accepted between July 1 and September 23, 2022. You are encouraged to submit the LOI as early as possible to ensure timely review. If you are invited to apply, we want to be sure you have adequate time to prepare your full application.

If you are invited to apply, your complete application is due on Friday, October 7, 2022. All applicants will receive notification (to the contact person listed on your application) of their application status no later than February 28, 2023. If the ABE awards your organization a grant, you will be notified by or before February 28, 2023. Grant awards will be paid in full by April 1, 2023.


Joanne Martin
American Bar Endowment
321 North Clark Street
Ste. 1400
Chicago, Illinois

Attention: Opportunity Grants

For information regarding the ABE Opportunity Grants, contact Jackie Casey at JCasey@abenet.org or (312) 988-6402.


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“I recently resigned from my job as a corporate attorney to follow my passion to elevate Girls Embracing Mothers to new heights. The ABE Opportunity Grant was wonderful gift. Your belief in GEM's mission is confirmation I made the right decision.”

– Brittany K. Byrd, Executive Director, Girls Embracing Mothers

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