Group Long-Term Disability Insurance

A disability could potentially destroy your way of life. It can take away many things you've achieved through your profession – all the things you've enjoyed at your income level. Long-Term Disability Insurance can help protect you and your family against such a loss. Since your income is the basis of your lifestyle, protect it with ABE-sponsored Long-Term Disability Insurance.

Key features and options:

  • Available for Bar Association Members1 and Spouses/Domestic Partners under age 65 residing in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and who are working full-time. (Not available for residents of NH, NV, or VT.)
  • Coverage amounts up to $12,000 a month for Members and up to $5,000 a month for Spouses/Domestic partners.
  • Choice of waiting periods helps reduce premiums.
  • Your coverage is renewable as long as you remain an active Bar Association Member, stay employed full-time, and you are under age 75.
  • "Own Occupation" (for members only) allows you to collect benefits if you’re unable to perform your regular occupation and specialty for the first five years.
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) option rider ensures your benefits keep pace with inflation.
  • Law School Loan Payment option rider will pay up to $200,000 in eligible law school student loans. Members must be under age 40 to apply and must be permanently disabled prior to age 45.
  • Portable,2 so you can take your coverage with you through changes in your career.
  • A no-cost benefit for up to one-month of benefits to an insured member to care for a close family member with a serious health condition.

For additional details including assignment of dividends, features, costs, eligibility, renewability, exclusions and limitations, refer to the Long-Term Disability Brochure.


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1The terms "Bar Association Member" and Member when used in this website mean a practicing lawyer who is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) or any entity that is represented in the ABA's House of Delegates, including state and many local and specialty bar association. A list of all such entities is available at https://abendowment.org/resource.

2Subject to U.S. Government regulations on restricted countries.


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"Most of us are aware of the need for life insurance, but don’t know the security that comes with having disability insurance. You never think about it when you are young and fit – maybe until it is too late. It is a risk you don’t want to take. ABE insurance products protect me and my family."


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