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Serving Our Seniors

Timeframe: YLD's 2010-2011 National Public Service Project

Managed By: American Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division

Already implemented in: Montana and New Mexico
In progress in: Washington, California, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Vermont

For more information: http://www.americanbar.org/groups/young_lawyers.html

Senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable and underrepresented populations in the United States. Many seniors must make important economic and health care related decisions without the ability to hire legal counsel to aid them in making those decisions. Serving Our Seniors aims to help these seniors in need by educating them about their estate and health care planning options and providing legal assistance through coordination with legal service agencies. The project aims to achieve this by meeting two main goals:

  1. to educate seniors about their estate planning options; and
  2. to empower them to take steps now to plan for their future and protect themselves from becoming victims of fraud and abuse. As reinforcements for the legal aid organizations currently committed to this issue, the ABA YLD and its members represent a new front in the battle to ensure that low income seniors throughout the nation have basic estate plans in place.

The project not only encourages young lawyers to do all they can to help the nation's seniors, but it provides a multi-media package including educational outreach, training, and implementation materials designed to help young lawyers provide legal services to seniors in need.

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ABA YLD Serving Our Seniors Program Promotional Video

ABA YLD Serving Our Seniors Program Overview Video

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