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Breakdown for Additional FJE-funded Programs

Through the support of the American Bar Endowment, the ABA Fund for Justice and Education helps to serve as the link between the ABA's commitment to public service and its ability to produce programs that improve the lives of those we are entrusted to serve. These programs are divided among five main areas of concentration:

  1. Access to Justice;
  2. Children & Family Rights;
  3. Public Education;
  4. Professionalism and the Legal Profession; and
  5. International Justice

Below are a few examples of each of these five main programmatic areas supported annually through the American Bar Endowment grant.

Access to Justice

Find out more about programs that assist underrepresented and disadvantaged populations.

Commission on Homelessness and Poverty

Commission on Immigration

Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law

Death Penalty Representation Project

Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants

Children & Family Rights

Discover how lawyers are protecting the innocent and working to eliminate abusive situations.

Center on Children and the Law

Commission on Law & Aging

Public Education

Learn more about entities helping foster an understanding of the law and its role within our society.

Division for Public Education

IR&R - AIDS Coordinating Committee

IR&R - Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project

Uncover how the legal profession continues to evolve, expand our perspectives, and fight for justice in the national arena.

Center for Continuing Legal Education

Center for Professional Responsibility

Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession

Commission on Women in the Profession

International Justice

Recognize the difference lawyers can make in countries restructuring their laws and seeking to protect their citizens.

IR&R - Center for Human Rights

Rule of Law Initiative

Section of Internal Law


Breakdown for Additional ABF-funded Programs

The American Bar Foundation’s mission is to serve the legal profession, the public, and the academy through empirical research, publications, and programs that advance justice and the understanding of law and its impact on society. Primary funding for the ABF is provided by ABE. ABF's programs are divided among seven areas of concentration:

Civil Justice

Access to Justice

The Legal Complex and Struggles for Political Liberalism

Building on the Arizona Film Project

Criminal Justice

Imprisonment and Neighborhood Political Participation

Criminal Defense in China

Explaining Death and Atrocity in Darfur

Law and Globalization

Global Norms for the Rule of Law

Globalization of Law and Markets

World Justice Project

Legal History

The New Legal Realism

Suing Henry Ford: America's First Hate Speech Case

Law and Everyday Life among Black Southerners

Legal Profession

The Language of Law School

After the JD

Networks among Lawyers Active in National Policymaking


Surrogate Decisionmaking at the End of Life: An Observational Study

The Impact of Banks, Regulation, and Taxes on the Survival and Operation of Entrepreneurial Ventures

Social Justice

Limiting Laws: Negotiating Crime, Legal Status, and Immigration Law

The Mexican Second Generation at Work in a New Destination

Employment Discrimination Litigation

Find our more about ABF's mission and projects at americanbarfoundation.org.

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