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Law Day

Timeframe: Since 1958

Managed By: American Bar Association's Division for Public Education

"For over two centuries, our Nation has adhered to the rule of law as the foundation for a safe, free, and just society. President Eisenhower, seeking to formally recognize this tradition, established Law Day in 1958 as "a day of national dedication to the principles of government under law." Each Law Day, we celebrate our commitment to the rule of law and to upholding the fundamental principles enshrined in our founding documents."
~ President Barack Obama

As President Obama stated in the annual Presidential Law Day Proclamation, Law Day is an annual event intended to celebrate the rule of law and to increase education about the legal system in the United States. Each year a different theme is chosen which then inspires various programs, ideas, and discussions around the country meant to keep students, the legal community, and the community at large informed. Different organizations across the country choose to celebrate in various unique ways.

Lawyers, judges, and other representatives of the legal profession often give school presentations on or around Law Day. By volunteering their time, they give students a memorable opportunity to learn about the law in action. Not only can they share with them their personal experiences, but they can convey how law and the legal system protect our freedoms.

The lessons and strategies designed by the ABA's Division for Public Education include lively activities designed to reach students in all grade levels. Volunteers are encouraged to talk with the teacher before the presentation to learn what the students have been studying, to select a strategy that's right for them.

The lesson topics range from how the law furthers America's quest for equality to the role of citizens and the role of the law in protecting rights and making democracy possible.

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The ABA also conducted three Dialogues in Washington DC in celebration of Law Day at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Cesar Chavez Public Policy Charter High School and the Department of the Interior. Students from all over the country participating in Close Up Foundation programs came to discuss various topics relating to law in the 21st Century. The discussion focused on three topics relevant to teenagers today: reforming American government in the 21st century, music distribution and copyright, and video piracy and the law.

Students are polled on how they download music

Students discuss eligibility requirements for president

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