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How do your donated dividends support over 200 law-related public service, educational and research projects?

Among the projects supported by ABE grants are those that help children, seniors, victims of domestic violence and others who may not have the money or ability to hire a lawyer to defend them. Your dividends do make a difference!

ABA members purchase any ABE-sponsored insurance plan.
ABA members donate any available dividends to ABE.
ABE makes yearly grants to help fund projects conducted by:
These contributions support more than 200 legal public service, educational, and research projects of importance to the profession.

National Pro Bono Celebration

Countless people need legal help but cannot afford to get the help they deserve.  

Serving Our Seniors

Senior citizens are one of the most legally underrepresented populations in the United States  

Permanency Barriers Project

Every child deserves a safe, loving, and permanent home.  

Law Day

Getting in the classrooms to educate our youth about the law.  

Commission on Domestic Violence

No one should feel unsafe in their own home.  



Dividends are the difference annually between the insurance premium paid and the amount used for claims, reserves, and plan expenses.

For example:

$100 premium paid
$90 used for claims and plan expenses
$10 available in the form of a dividend (members can choose to have this return to them or donate it to ABE).

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