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Permanency Barriers Project

Timeframe: Since 1992

Managed By: American Bar Association's Center on Children and the Law

The Project has worked in over 30 small, medium, and large locations, urban and rural, throughout the United States. Specific locations include New York, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and Kentucky.

For more information: http://www.americanbar.org/groups/child_law/what_we_do/projects/permanency_project.html

The Permanency Barriers Project aims to move children efficiently through the foster care system and into safe, loving, and permanent homes–something all children deserve. In doing this, the project also helps states save foster care dollars by completely changing the foster care system in an area. An ABA Project Director is sent to an area monthly for two years to help develop procedures, tools, and skills needed to positively change the foster care system. By going through a series of six major tasks wherever its staff is working, the Permanency Project helps ensure their success. These 6 tasks are:

  1. Identifying and analyzing the cause of delays;
  2. Interactively developing policy recommendations;
  3. Establishing written protocols, procedures, and timetables;
  4. Implementing reforms outlined in agreements;
  5. Monitoring the impact of implemented changes;
  6. Disseminating project results throughout the state.

The Permanency Barriers Project has focused on reforms such as: the early identification of children's needs; refining court procedures in permanency planning areas; training the child welfare agency and legal staff; and sharing information with other counties and states.

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